Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Whole New World

I have followed, studied and presented on what the true meaning of December 21, 2012 is all about: Transformation. But in late November, I did not realize how extraordinary my own future post 2012 would be from before. An Old Age has indeed died, or is dying, and is being replaced with a new one.
In my case, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare case of cancer, angio sarcoma, which affects less than 200 people in the US. Each case is almost by default unique (unless if it features an evolution of previous breast cancer), and so I found that the man who normally studies anomalies, has become a medical enigma a well. How I precisely got this, remains and may forever remain unknown.
It does not matter. I was – am – faced with the fact that for me, this diagnosis, signaled a tremendous wake-up call. For one, that no-one truly takes each day as precious as one should. But also that I realized that somehow, what I am learning at this very moment in time – including the bridge between the mental and medical levels of therapies – are offering me insights- very deep and powerful insights.
Specifically, how our ancestors, specifically the Ancient Egyptian Wisdom and techniques – knew how to heal the body. It is funny that I am learning this lesson in a hospital bed in Los Angeles, whereas I was supposed to be present in Egypt, visiting all of these sites. But first, it seems, maybe true understand and wisdom needs to be acquired before I need to revisit these sites. The insights I have gained in recent weeks definitely far outweigh anything Egypt on the ground could have given me.
Interestingly, the exploration of this field of healing I had actually begun for my next major publication in the Fall of 2013, on pyramids and the reason – rather than the when and how – they were built. The book was going to be about pyramid technology – why they were built – and over the last few weeks, so many pieces of this puzzle have fallen into place, that I truly believe that I had to come to the situation I am in right now, in order to understand and apply to myself. Physician heal thyself - and author, only write after truly having experienced it yourself!
My beloved Kathleen, an incredible and magical pillar of support throughout all of this, underlined that my motto is that Ancient Knowledge Will Give Us a Future. Over the last few weeks, I have come to realize you have to be very specific about picking such mottos, for in my case, I remain convinced that this knowledge will indeed give me MY future. And insights into life, its value and especially its magical qualities, in the hope that with only a few days before December 21, people, through choice, will embrace a positive change in their life and travel onwards to the next level of their mission, which is the only reason why we have chosen to incarnate here on this lovely, blue water planet.