Friday, February 4, 2011


The Mayans and Hopi believe that we live in the Fourth World (though some traditions list it as the Fifth World). The previous eras were considered to be all about human evolution on a physical level, while the present world – which began in ca. 3000 BC and will come to an end in 2012 AD – is about psychological – or to be more precise spiritual – evolution.

Though some civilisations date back to 10,000 BC, mostly, civilisation as we define it today started in Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, Asia and pockets of the New World in ca. 3000 BC. Civilisation was a global event, often happening independent from each other, from ca. 3000 BC onwards… as if it was a cosmic imperative.

How civilisation came about is not truly the point. But it is clear that civilisation has brought us to the 21st century, where all of these civilisations have melted into one global civilisation,
creating a global village where everyone is connected via phone networks, millions of flights crisscrossing our skies and an economy on a global scale. We are all connected. Whether we like it, or not.

Most of these changes, or at least radical revolutions, have occurred in the last two decades. This, too, is in accordance with the prophecies of the Mayans, who singled out the period of 1993 to 2012 – the final “mini-era” of the 5000 year cycle – as a time of great change. We are, as they say, in “the thick of it”.

With great periods of change comes great uncertainty if not fear. An old world is disappearing and a new one is born. What does the future hold for us? “We don’t know” is the answer… but it is also up to us to define it! The central legends of the Mayans state that at the turning point of each Age, “leaders” – selected individuals – convene to define the fate of the New Age with the gods. Though the general trend (e.g. that it is of a spiritual nature) of such a change is predetermined, specifics are left to be worked out. It is therefore an interesting combination of predetermination and free will.

The general trend of all ages is about evolution and human development. The general trend of this age will obviously be further human integration and spiritual growth. At the same time, each turning point has a review of the previous Age, where appropriate conclusions are drawn.

If we look at the world today, we might say it is in bad shape. Switch on any news channel and you will be told that the world is allegedly a very bad place. Indeed, it could be better. But look upon it from the perspective of 5000 years and make a conclusion based on that and a totally different picture emerges, I think.

5000 years ago we were largely individual tribes, going on an adventure that should be described as “tribal” or “national”. Today, we still have nations, but we also have come to the understanding that we are one world. However much some political parties feel they have to play the isolationist card – that “out there” there are “those” who are “out to get us” – the fact of the matter is that we are working together and working together is the only way forward. There is no alternative and anyone who pretends there is, is either stupid or a demagogue. Or both.

We ARE a global village and we have become global citizens. That is the FutureMankind. This comes with tremendous challenges and problems, which frustrate and infuriate many. But is that such a bad thing?

The challenge of the New Age is therefore to embrace this even further, and work on some of the outstanding agenda from this age that is not yet fulfilled. Don Alejandro, a Mayan elder, sees the world post 2012 as a world in which we can fly on airplanes without passports. Indeed, borders and the insistency in keeping them “solid” – including “Fortress America” – have no future. Reality is that borders are not solid (and never were) and they are in many cases total illusions – take for example most borders drawn in Africa or in the middle of a sea. But they continue to be the biggest contributor to division, death and war, for no real reason other than “national interests”, which truly have become another illusion too. There are no more “national interests”. In truth, there only ever was, is and will be “human interest” and our challenge is to understand to the fullest as soon as possible. That is FutureMankind.

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